The WPH Charitable Trust is dedicated to providing funding for individuals, groups and organisations to help prevent, relieve and cure sickness in Coventry and Warwickshire. The fund distributes approximately £250,000 every year.

Established in 1994, the Trust has benefited the lives of many individuals and groups to aid, relieve, care and support. The Trust provides grants for medical research, buildings and equipment.

The WPH Trust was set up with funds from the sale of the Warwickshire Private Hospital in 1994.

Whether a particular need is small or large; the Trust can offer financial assistance. Grants have been given to a wide variety of projects across Coventry and Warwickshire including:

  • Patient care and support services
  • Play learning and development equipment
  • Home refurbishment and construction
  • Medical equipment
  • Nursing staff and medical support
  • Medically related research

The Trust offers funding and grants to :

  • Individuals of any age
  • Hospices and Charitable groups
  • Academics and Research

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The WPH Charitable Trust is a company limited by guarantee and is regulated by its Memorandum and Articles of Association and the Charities Act 1993.

Administrative Office

The WPH Charitable Trust, c/o Blythe Liggins, Edmund House, Rugby Road, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV32 6EL.

The Registered Office

Barclays Bank Chambers, 20 Bridge Street, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 6AH

Registered in England and Wales Company Number: 1354943

Registered in England and Wales Charity Number: 507325

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The WPH Charitable Trust Gold Medal

The medal has been renamed the H Singh Memorial Medal in tribute to a very highly regarded Trustee. It is awarded each year to the best overall graduating medical student from University of Warwick Medical School.

The Trustees

The Trustees are responsible for the management and running of the charity. They have the authority and obligation to invest sums of money to produce an income. Income generated from the trust fund is given as donations in the form of grants, utilising at least the anticipated annual net income of the Trust to meet its aims and objectives.

More about the Trustees

The Trust tries to support capital projects including new buildings and major items of equipment, refurbishment and improvement to facilities and provision of items of equipment for direct patient care, medical research, academic sponsorship and other institutional programmes.

The Trust will support individuals, nursing, administrative or other staff providing direct care and sponsor individuals or groups in their training to care for others and help any other application which the Trust Board deems appropriate; but only in exceptional circumstances will the Trust provide direct support to the NHS or an NHS Healthcare Trust.

About the Trustees:-

The directors as Trustees are senior members of the medical, legal, accountancy and other professions. The majority of Trustees have or have had associations with health organisations. The Trustees reside within the area of Coventry and Warwickshire and give their time voluntarily and without remuneration to fulfil the requirements of the Trust. The current Trustees are:

  • Mr Robert Jordan
  • Mr Robert Blacklock FRCS
  • Mr Michael Tansey FRCS
  • Mr David Owen MBE DL
  • Mr Michael Harwood
  • Mr David Holt
  • Dr Elaine Archibald Mb CHB MRCP(UK)
  • Professor Robert Grieve MB CHB FRCR FRCP
  • Dr Simon Fletcher BSc MBBS MD FRCP
  • Dr Peter D J Handslip Mb CHB FRCP
  • Dr Marakatham Venkataraman MD MRCPCH FRCPCH
  • Dr Eileen Berridge BM PGA Med Ed DCH FPCert

Medical Projects

Research & teaching
Medical student bursaries