Recycling grant helps disabled people

Coventry-based CROW Recycling has received a £1000 grant from WPH Charitable Trust which will help the charity continue to provide opportunities for disabled people.

The charity recycling business engages around 10 people per week to help with the collection, sorting and grading of recyclable materials such as office paper, toner cartridges, drinks cans and clear plastics before forwarding for further processing. The service includes the shredding of confidential documents for local businesses and other organisations.

CROW’s funding from the city council was cut last year, and so the operation has been forced to become more financially self-reliant. They raise funds by charging for the service provided, as well as selling the waste materials their services generate.

Said John Coleman of CROW Recycling: “We are extremely grateful to WPH Charitable Trust for this award, as it has no restrictions on how we use it, and so it is perhaps the most valuable sort of grant we receive. We don’t have to set it against any specific task, but can put it to the best use we can.

“It will give us the strength to continue to provide the services we do – providing stimulating and rewarding work for scores of people with learning disabilities.”

And the mother of a 50 year old man with learning disabilities said: “CROW is the reason he wakes up in the morning. It makes him feel valued and respected.”

“What’s more,” said John Coleman, “because we recycle tons of things for local businesses, we do our bit for the environment, and commercial confidentiality too.”


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