Disabled Sports Enthusiasts Given A Helping Hand By The WPH Charitable Trust

Entrust Care Partnership, a not-for-profit organisation based in Harbury, Leamington, which holds recreational activities for young disabled people aged 11 to 16, has been given a £7,500 boost from the WPH Charitable Trust towards a series of sports sessions in 2017.
The children can choose from a range of 13 sports and activities including five-a-side football, touch rugby, basketball, netball, circuit training and tennis.
Lynne Barton, Founding Director of Entrust, said: “We ran the project last year and the parents and children were all so enthusiastic. When it was coming to the end they really wanted us to run it again.”
Those who attend have an opportunity to experience a wide range of sports over the period.
The sessions are adapted to suit the needs, interests and access requirements of all who participate.
They aim to  improve the youngsters’ fitness, whilst building their skills and increasing their self-confidence and  self-esteem. The whole project encourages team work, inclusion and fostering friendships.
“We have been so lucky that with the support of WPH Charitable Trust we are now able to launch the programme again this year on 2nd March. Without their grant this would have not been possible,” Lynne added.
In addition to those who took part in the activities last year invitations will also go out to a wider reach of youngsters via Entrust’s website - http://www.entrustcarepartnership.org.uk/ - and through its Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Lynne said as well as the direct benefits to the children the programme is vital to their parents and carers.
“The sessions enable the parents or carers to refresh their spirits and do something they enjoy doing so it’s a win-win situation for the whole family “
Lynne said the programme had also received backing from a number of local sports clubs including the Wasps.
Bob Grieve, Chairman of WPH Charitable Trust, said: “We are delighted to support Entrust Care Partnership. We are aware that there are between 4,000 and 6,000 children with additional needs in Warwickshire, and an ongoing need for local sporting provisions in the area tailored to suit the children’s individual requirements.
“It is vitally important that programmes such as these are allowed to continue, giving the children prime opportunity for quality exercise under skilled facilitators such as those from Entrust, who are experienced in working with disabled children.
For further information about the work of Entrust look out for “Freddie and Friends” on YouTube.
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