WPH Swells the coffers of Children's Centre by £28,000

Regular grants from the WPH Charitable Trust has helped swell the coffers of a Coventry charity for children with special needs by more than £28,000 over the past six years.

The money has been used towards various projects at Tiny Tim’s Children’s Centre, in Whitefriars Lane, Coventry, dating back to 2010.

In that time the charity has received grants every year – ranging from £1,000 to £8,500.

Sarah Hemings is Manager of Tiny Tim’s Children’s Centre, which caters for 219 children from Coventry and farther afield – providing free complementary therapies to youngsters with wide-ranging needs.

She said: “Every donation we have received has been used directly to provide therapy for children with disabilities and special needs.

“At present a therapy session costs £25, so since 2010 WPH Charitable Trust has helped us to provide a total of 1,040 therapy sessions.”

With annual running costs of £200,000 every penny is raised by the children’s centre and its community.

Its Purple Planet soft play area generates around £50,000 annually, which is used to cover utilities, while the remaining £150,000 comes from fundraising events, donations, grants and the local community.

The children’s centre receives no funding from the government or the National Lottery.

Sarah added: “The grants we have received from the WPH Charitable Trust over the years have helped make a great difference to the work we do. Although Purple Planet covers the running costs it is grants such as those from WPH which makes the most difference to a small charity like ours. The funds have actually provided the therapy and play sessions for the children.

“We would like to thank the Trust for all its support over the past six years and ongoing – it is greatly valued and appreciated.”

Bob Grieve, Chair of the WPH Trustees, said: “Tiny Tim’s Children’s Centre provides an invaluable lifeline to the children and families in its community.

“Providing free complementary treatments to youngsters with disabilities, special needs and health problems, in most cases the treatment is not available to the children on the NHS or is not affordable to their families from the private sector.

“The WPH Charitable Trust has built an excellent relationship with Tiny Tim’s Children’s Centre over the years – it is exactly the sort of community organisation we look to work with and we look forward to building on our relationship with the centre over many more years to come.”

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