A £10,000 donation from the WPH Charitable Trust has helped make a huge difference to little William Lamont and his family.

William, of Church Lawford, was about six weeks old when his parents Emma Hawkins and Paul Lamont started noticing problems with his development.

The five-year-old spent the first 12 months of his life being closely monitored by paediatricians, and shortly after his first birthday he was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, Kleefstra syndrome.

Characterised by intellectual disability, Kleefstra Syndrome is caused by a tiny piece missing from near the end of chromosome number nine.

Through the condition William is non verbal and has major global development delay. He is unable to walk. Instead, he shuffles around the house and uses a wheelchair when outside.

Despite his troubles, Emma said William values his independence.

So when WPH Charitable Trust agreed a £10,000 donation, William’s family were able to proceed with a new, purpose-built, £58,000 ground floor bedroom and adjoining wet room allowing William more independence in his own home.

The couple received a £35,000 disability funding grant, on the condition they raised the remaining £23,000 themselves.

Emma and Paul made a series of applications to different bodies including the WPH Charitable Trust.

Emma said: “As William started to grow it became apparent our house wouldn’t be able to accommodate his needs for much longer. I was finding it more and more difficult to carry him up the stairs and even if I could have continued, it was still a danger to both William and me.”

As part of the adaptations William received an adjustable high low bed with a ramp. He also received a high low sink with stand support, a hoist, a toilet chair fitted over his toilet, and a stretcher table over his bath.

In addition, doorways throughout the house have been widened and the driveway and front door entrance have been bricked and levelled off.

Emma added: “These adaptations have made it so much easier for us in our daily lives. So daily tasks such as putting him to bed, giving him a bath and helping him around the house are now no longer any more of a struggle for us than they would be for any other family.”

She added: “We would like to thank the WPH Charitable Trust from the bottom of our hearts as this has enabled us to begin all of our lives. A lot of charities don’t give to individuals such as ourselves, they give to causes. But this has really allowed us to take control and has allowed William the independence he so values.”

The WPH Charitable Trust provides funding for groups and individuals who work to prevent, relieve and cure sickness in Coventry and Warwickshire. The Trust provides grants for medical research, buildings, equipment and other forms of medical care for residents of the region. All applications are made via the Trust’s website and are assessed on a quarterly basis.

For further details log on to www.warwickshirehealthcharity.org.uk

Alternatively, applications can be sent by post to: Secretary to the WPH Charitable Trust, c/o Blythe Liggins, Edmund House, Rugby Road, Leamington Spa, CV32 6EL.


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