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The WPH Charitable Trust, a Health Care Charity, consider all types of applications for Medical and Health Care Funding from and for individuals of any age who live in Coventry and Warwickshire area.

The WPH Charity recognises that the impact of long term disability and chronic illness on the individual and the family may not be just physical but also have very significant psychological and financial knock-on effects.

Medical funding therefore considers applications for medical support, healthcare needs, helping individuals to live with disability and chronic illness as well as provide rehabilitation and respite for the individual, family or carer.

The needs of the disabled cover a wide range of ages and needs and the disability funding provided reflects this. The WPH Charity is very aware of the financial strain and impact of chronic illness and disability within a family with its effect of loss of employment and the “double whammy “of the increased needs of the individual.

No applicant should ever think that their need is too simple or small to be considered eg tumble driers, carpets, mattresses, sensory items, specialist car seats

Below are just a few of many case studies, from which both individuals and organisations have received funding for disability care and equipment

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Disabled Funding

The WPH Charitable Trust provides disabled funding for children across the whole of Coventry and Warwickshire and provides financial support for a wide variety of areas to help care for those with disabilities, including requirements for:

  • Accessibility
  • Mobility
  • Education
  • Learning and Development
  • Medical Funding and Care
  • Support Staff and Carers
  • Equipment

Amongst many other donations it has funded specialist cycles, car seats, powered wheelchairs, home adaptations and riding courses for the disabled

The needs of each individual can be very specific and may vary greatly and over time, change dramatically. Often the equipment or support required may not be funded by the NHS or is no longer affordable when time comes for renewal. Disabled Funding Grants may be provided to address such requests.

Special Needs Funding

The WPH Charitable Trust has provided funding for a wide range of needs in order to help both children and adults with special needs.

The Trust considers providing special needs funding for children and for adults who are either cared for at home, attend specialist schools and also for those who live independently.

All types of needs and requests are considered

The WPH Charitable Trust’s funding extends to families and individuals who need activities and facilities at home such as:

  • special incontinence mattress
  • new fencing to enable children to play safely in the garden
  • sensory item to stimulate and provide calming distraction to children during the day and night
  • adapted computer to specific needs of individual children
  • specialist support chairs to allow individuals to attend nursery school

Funding for special needs has also been allocated to travel and transport costs. This can be for specific outings or trips but also in the running of private vehicles to ensure children and adults can attend schools and health care centres.

There is also often a requirement for special needs children funding for specific projects such as holidays, school trips or simply access to educational tools or fun activities, which otherwise would not be available to them.

Rehabilitation Funding

The WPH Charitable Trust funds a wide range of applications made to support and encourage rehabilitation. This may be needed on a short or longer term basis and funding of Home Care when other resources have been unable to help.

When considering rehabilitation requests for individuals, the help might be needed for travel, equipment or medical care or funding may be required for a particular rehabilitation project or carer in order to pay for care and support that would otherwise be unaffordable.

Examples of support given include:

  • special hand attachments for pots and pans for a Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferer
  • cooker attachments to prevent burning injuries
  • home adaptations to allow individuals to reamin cared for at home rather than in a nursing home
  • specialist physiotherapy



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