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Medical Equipment Funding
The WPH Charitable Trust provides medical equipment funding for a wide variety of needs and requirements, ranging from personal need to research and new technologies. Funding for medical equipment is available for:
  • Individual the provision of health care, rehabilitation, and mobility equipment
  • Medical equipment where funding cannot be met by individuals and their families, health care groups, schools, universities, institutions, hospices and other charities for new projects and developments
Case Studies
  • Individual: funding has been provided for stairlifts, sensory equipment, specialist chairs, baths, ramps, play equipment, safespaces, mobility scooters amongst many other indications
  • Double R Playscheme: funding in support of their activities for children with severe disabilities
  • Coventry and Warwickshire Dyspraxia Society: medical funding to provide children with specialist equipment to allow them to relax in a secure and safe environment
  • University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire : a contribution towards a new breast imaging unit
  • Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance: funding for three new defibrillators

A core aim of the WPH Charity is to directly help people with a medical equipment grant or a medical equipment donation and applications small or large are encouraged.
Medical Building Funding
The WPH Charitable Trust can provide funding for schools, hospitals and universities in order to help with provision of special educational facilities, disabled funding, improvements for accessibility and new developments for the delivery of care and medical research funding. Medical building funding is awarded particularly where:
  • Improvements or alterations are need to allow easy entry or exit to facilities thereby ensuring that children with disabilities have full access to relevant areas within a building
  • Alterations or renovations need to be completed to provide the necessary care required for the children attending
  • Funding building projects which will help make the education and lives of children both at home and in schools easier
  • Existing funds do not allow the full implementation of new important service and research developments

Case Studies
  • Royal National School for the Blind: to build a new residential wing in Coventry
  • University of Warwick: to help fund a new building for Medical Research Institute services
  • Warwick Hospital Cancer Unit: to help fund a new building
  • Stratford Hospital Cancer Unit – to provide scalp cooling equipment and reduce hair loss due to chemotherapy
Medical Research Funding

The WPH Charitable Trust is committed to funding advances across the whole spectrum of medical research.

Medical Research funding has supported individuals, colleges, universities and research units throughout Coventry and Warwickshire.

Areas of where medical research funding has been given include cancer, clinical studies and biomedical laboratory projects.

A core objective of this Health Research Charity is to offer medical research funds to some of these important projects across the region.

Case Studies

  • University of Warwick: medical research funding for a study into Diabetes
  • University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire – medical research funding for an embryoscope.
  • Warwick University –to fund two post doctoral researchers in behavioural and cellular/molecular experiments
Medical Student Bursaries

2016 saw the WPH Charitable Trust awarding the first 3 Bursaries of £3,334 each to fund three medical students through their first year at the University of Warwick Medical School. These Bursaries have continued to be awarded after a selection process, including interview, to students who are struggling financially, have a previous degree and who have been accepted into Warwick Medical School.


The students must have a connection with Coventry and Warwickshire. Interested students should apply directly to the Warwick Medical School Office for more information on the Bursaries, which have now been increased to five each year and an additional one in memory of a very valued Trustee of the Charity, H Singh, all worth £3000.




Medical Projects