Multiple Sclerosis patient Diane Quirke says a new mobility scooter purchased with a grant from the WPH Charitable Trust has given her a whole new level of freedom and independence.

Being almost entirely wheelchair bound, Diane, a 51-year-old housewife from Binley in Coventry, would rely on the help of family and friends – including her 82-year- old mother – to get out and about.

She would avoid shopping centres and other public places altogether if she knew they didn’t provide mobility scooters for visitors.
Earlier this year the married mother-of-two applied to WPH Charitable Trust for help in purchasing a mobility scooter of her own.

She was awarded £1,500.

Diane, who is married to Sean and is mother of 23-year-old twins Molly and Sean, said: “The Trust approved my application really quickly which was a great help as sometimes these things can take such a long time.

“It has made a real difference to my life. It is one of the latest models and it doesn’t need dismantling and assembling every time. It can be folded away and is easily stored. Not only can I get about day to day with it but it is easy to take on an aeroplane when I want to go away.”

She added: “I am very grateful to WPH Charitable Trust which has been excellent with me.

“Without this grant I would only have been able to have afforded this life changing scooter if I’d had some sort of windfall. But it has made a difference to all our lives. I don’t need my husband or my son or daughter to push me around any more. I can go off to Birmingham or wherever with friends.

“Before, I would have to return hired scooters by 4.30pm, and I couldn’t shop at all on Sundays as you can’t hire scooters then, but now I can go whenever and not worry about having to get it back. It’s given me so much more independence.”

WPH Charitable Trust provides funding for individuals, groups and organisations to help prevent, relieve and cure sickness in Coventry and Warwickshire.

Grants are available for medical research, buildings, equipment and other forms of medical care for residents across the region.

Trustees are actively seeking applications from residents in Coventry and Warwickshire with medical needs.

Applications can be made via the Trust’s website and are assessed on a quarterly basis.

For further details log on to www.warwickshirehealthcharity.org.uk

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